Saturday, October 25

excerps of Marvins blog

Now as a sit here and watch, I think you guys really missed the mark.  I am impressed with your exploration of my planet;  honestly you should know from your own planet that the polar regions are not so popular with the natives.  Not saying you missed totally but why not land a little further south?  Does seem sorta nice of you to send that digger to a not so populated area.  Everyone did sorta scatter when they saw that thing falling out of the sky. Being the ambassador I did have to let everyone know it was alright just the marble planet trying to learn about us.  I am hearing the next one won't even land here but stay up in orbit to learn about our weather.  Seems kinda strange that you want to learn about weather on another planet when you can't even get your media guys to forecast your own weather.  Those guys get on your radio and tv and so matter of factly tell you what to expect in the day and more times than not are completely wrong.  Was talking with my buddy Neo on Enceladus the other day and me made the same observation. He also told me he went to Earth once and wants to live there when he retires.  Its just too warm for me, the air is too thick and only has one moon.  Neo is pretty cool that way though, he seems to be able to adapt to changes well.  I did notice some music coming from some of the land masses there too.  Seems like the older stuff was a bit more artistic than what I have been hearing lately.  Who am I to judge though.  I really like that band you guys call Blue Oyster Cult, even had the pleasure of meeting both John Lennon and Jimmy Page.  They seemed like nice people, very creative too.

Neo did tell me a few years ago to not worry about Earth being in the way of my studies of Venus and to stop trying to remove it.  He said he's been to Venus and there is not alot happening there.  I have listened to him and put away my Uranium Pew 36 Explosive Space Modulator. 

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