Sunday, October 12

I am quite intellegent, wish I had put it to some better use.  Skatting by in school was not one of my better ideas.  I often wish I had the zest for learning when younger.  The computer is an excellent learning tool.  Can a person ever finish learning? I think not!  Guess thats why we never reallly 'grow up'.  Grown up means you know everything you need to know.
"Google me this..."

Was talking with my dad that other day.  He was not aware that I was knocked unconscious in school back in 4th grade.  I don't remember the actual incident but a boy named Randall pushed me into a brick wall standing in the lunch line, I awoke in the assistant principals lap with an awfull head ache. Don't remember much of that day.

There were 2 trampolenes in the neighborhood I grew up.  as kids we were allowed to bounce on them any time we wanted.  The one down the street and through the woods was a free standing, bout 4 maybe 5 ft off the ground.  There was the other one that was in the same neighborhood that was sunk into a pit.  I remember the above ground one was in better shape.  Had some great times bouncing around.  Seems todays society you can't have that, all the law suits and stuff steming from the possible injury stuffered on someone elses property and all.

Was in Atlanta Ga when I was young, left to live in Cincinnati when I was 13, good bye to my friends and all that.  There was this couple aross the way, don't remember if they had any kids. The man, forget his name now, raised snakes.  Man he had some awsome looking snakes.  Well his wife, was raising mice, lots of them, cages and cages in the house, cute little white mice.  Now if you know anything at all about snakes, might bring you to the point here.   I don't guess she really named any of the mice, not like they were pets or anything.  Was a cool little suburb of Atlanta, little Mayberry like town called Stone Mountain.  You could see the back side of the mountian from the 5 and dime up the street.  Was a long time ago, I have not been back in years, but do miss the way of life when I was a little younger.  Things were sorta good back then. Nixon, Apollo 13  Martin Luther King. No, but really.  Jimmy Carter was the governer of Ga back then.  I was just a kid so things didn't make all that much difference or sence to me. Vietnam; was always in the news. I would be coming in for dinner and walk through the tv room on my way to wash my hands and be hearing the tv guy saying " the vietcong, us troops Cambodia ..." but it just didn't make much sense.  Then those 'older' boys up the street, all of lthe sudden  there were only 4 of them.... the guy with the long hair and beard wasn't hangin out any more.  All the crazy stuff I remember not really effecting my life.  Heard George McGovern was going to legalise marijuiana if elected.  10 years old, you don't pay alot of attention to current events but you do talk with your friends... the children have opinions but... Beatles were like breaking up,  
Apollo 13, wow was that some kind of a rescue and survival excesise?  oh well just childhood.

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

This post takes me to my *own* time-line which runs QUITE parallel to the historical events you mention here.

Quite touching- because it puts me into life's *time machine*