Sunday, October 12

who's to say

so who's to say... is Jeff Beck better or is Hank Williams better?  Take into account that this is all opinion .  One cannot just say yea or nay to that question.  Being one who listens to rock music obviously I am going to side with the Jeffs here. Not that I have anything to say about Hank, I just like rock music better. Even in compairing the same genre of music who is to say Jimmy Page is better than Jeff Beck or Eddie Van Halen, or such. I do think David Gilmour did some really great stuff with Pink Floyd but Led Zeppelin rocks good to. Keith Richards, absolutely a great sound. I'll just listen to all of it and enjoy. 

You will notice the Fender Telecaster shown in the image is the one Jimmy Page recorded most his music on.  Note also that when the guitar is straped up to play the dragon is upside down.  Page was not real pleased when his friend did this to his favorite instrument.

coke or pepsi, ford or gm, toyota or nissan?  who's to say

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