Thursday, October 16

and then there were 8

I was taught there are 9 then there were 8 then there were 8 and a dwarf.  That doesn't include a couple of thousand in the Kupier belt.  Well the real question here is why.  Here we sit on the 3rd rock being the only life ot exist in a large area called the Solar System, and curious. Why why why and on and on.  So of course we explore.  Why to the top of? Why to the bottom of? Why to the other side of?  Well you get the point... Because it is there and I want to know about it.  What does it look like? what is it made of? was it will it or can it?  All these questions and as the answers come in it raises more questions. How long? how did it? it there another?  Questions questions questions.  Some have died in search of these answers, but isn't life a temporary event?  Send me to Mars on a one way journey, oh heck, lets just skip Mars and check out Saturn, its more interesting anyway.

And why so far between? is this a built in safety feature?  

Question for MsNeo:  if I go on a one way to Saturn can I go or will you join me?
Only have room for the cigarettes, can't fit the Mt Dew (sorry)

Well thats all the time I have this morning, have to go wurk<---(not a typo)  Aeration is the task today, easy day but rain wind cold and just plain miserable. NATURE OF THE BEAST!

be back later

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I find myself asking a lot of these questions, especially on clear nights-- especially out in the wilderness, while backpacking.