Thursday, October 16

a day with the boss

so the guy on B crew had to go to court today,  so my helper has to shift to the B crew.  So I go with the boss to do aeration,  let it be known: I hate doing aeration.  Well right from the start, in the morning have to load up epuipment on the trailer, get the seed, fert and what not.  Usually I load the truck for treatments the night before, go to shop, get in truck and go.  So we load the ride on spreader, no usually done as the aeration takes other equipment and the guy doing aerations doesn't do the applications.  Then, the only other is the z-plugger, a ride on aerator, pretty sweet piece of equipment. Perhaps I would mind aeration if I could use the z-plugger.  Off we go, me and the boss to "possibly" aerate a 90k sq ft lawn (acre=approx 43.5k sqft) and do the application as well.  When we get there the sprinkler system was not marked (this is looking good) We therefore can't aerate and we do the application (fertilizer / weed control)  about 2 hours. Takes 2 hours or so then 2 more short stops to do small properties, back to the shop and then home, pretty nice day. I call it a ride in the park; I just stand on the back deck of the spreader and ride spreading fertilizer.  Better than that though was the time with the boss.  Me and John used to be the only crew at Turfman, we talked and reminisked the old times.  I am impressed at the way John opened his own company  and built it to where it is in just 6 years.   Had a great day and that makes all the difference.

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

It's nice to hear a report of a good day at work.

They DO call it work for a reason, so it's nice when you can enjoy it.