Friday, October 17

Its wierd man,  Styx has changed and still sounds like Styx.  Dennis DeYoung, not with the band but used to be what seemed to be the "founding" member.  Tommy Shaw was added to the band after their debut ablbum. Now Tommy seems to be the lead and new keyboard and drummer the band still sounds like Grand Illusion.  I just see it odd that some bands can change members and you don't really notice it and other bands have to break up for the loss.  Led Zeppelin, prime example, drummer died and they were no more.   Styx loses the founding member and the drummer they just replace and go on like nothing happened.  Just seems strange to me.  With others; seems you lose the band with the front man gone, Lynard Skynard still tours and sells out venues after Ronny Van Zant has died along with a few other crucial members.  Black Sabbath even seemed to stay strong with out Ozzy. <---- just isn't the same though .. is it?  and what about those guys named for the Dutch family VanHalen?  Fire your front man?? who could do such a thing? You know, I saw the Commadors with out Lionel, not big deal though, didn't like em with or without, lol was a free show.  Can you imaging Heart with out the Wilson sisters? Yea  they pitched a bitch when Sarah Palin used thier song, Barraccuda (as that was her nic name in school)  but as I always say you don't need ot beleive what the members do to like the band.  Be like saying you have to be gay to like Queen. Queen did stop recording when Freddy went to the great gig in the sky.    Could you imagine  Steve Miller band without Steve Miller? or how about the Allman bros with out the bros?  

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