Friday, October 17

Frampton Comes Alive

As long as I am talking about rock concerts, take ya back a few when I saw Peter Frampton back in 80 or so. Great tunes, great show, went with a friend Betsy, and we had a blast.  Riverfront Colosseum,   Betsy and I  are in the mid section of the seating, isle seats, digging Frampton.  I am rockin away start looking around to see what fans are hanging and doing; you know the check out the crowd type stuff.  Yea, two teenage "Frampton fans" couldn't have been but 15 in front, a small puddle of spilled drink on the floor.  They were also in the first 2 seats from the isle.  Look back over my right shoulder up the stairs;  He must have been about 25ish, long black hair, swaying back and forth as he hobbled down the stairs to deliver the drinks, he had. 4 beers, cradled in 2 arms.  I'm getting a funny thought, what if Joe Party (wasted on Quaaludes I'm sure) lands his foot on that puddle and his foot keeps going? laughing to myself.  Well shit I should have played the lottery that day cause that was exactly what happened. I about laughed my self to tears, all 4 beers were in this teenage girls lap, she jumped up hollering something, I couldn't hear I was laughing to hard,  the dude, a little flustered just turned back up the stairs, guess the whole incident must have made him thirsty. ......... I am so glad I was just a spectator in that.  Rock shows used to be so much fun.

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