Wednesday, October 22

Late start

late start this morning,  too much frost.  Frost can actually damage turf.  Walking on the frost can break the blade of grass leaving foot prints across your yard, wouldn't ya know, its called foot printing.  I remember when I worked at the golf course they would never tell us why not to walk on the turf,  boss just always said on the frosty mornings, stay on the cart path.  Snow will not cause footprinting,  with frost the blade of grass is actually frozen and will break when stepped on.  

Well what to write about?  Early morning, sorta hard to think.  

Thing with the late start is the work load is still the same, during the season when I am really out there working and rain causes a late start it is stetches my day a few hours.  Boss is generally cool about lining up a route day that can be done in about 8 hours, the late start gets me home later.  This last application called 'late fall' or winterizer goes so quick its not a problem, will probably be done about 1pm or so.

 Aries is doing well. He is such a sweet kitten, been growing and is looking more like a cat.  Between cats and kittens I like cats.  Kittens seem to active and crazy, funny to watch though.  Aries been chasing the little ball with the bell inside.  I even know some people that say they love kittens but then they don't like cats.  Strange I would have to say,  would be like loving babies and hating kids ?? 
As cute and playful as it seems the play a kitten does is prep to become a hunter,  work on the pounce... and in that is working on the most efffective way to kill the prey.  Be the prey a little stuffed mouse with a bell or a real mouse.  Amazing how animals learn to do things with out the assistance of their parents; yet they are still very social creatures. In the wild the Pride is more important than the individual.  Save the many inspite of the few. 

Time is passing, coming close to time to leave.  Problem with the late start, more traffic on the way to work.  Takes a few more  minutes to get there.  Well thats about it for now. More later, let me know it there are problems with your lawn, I may be that wealth of knowledge you have been looking for.

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