Tuesday, October 21

Not a recession

Listening to the experts is how you determine these things, right? Its not a recession, its an economic slow down.  Well there you have it, nothing to worry about...

Can you say redundant? are these 2 terms not the samething?  I may not be the sharpest knife in the set but both economic slow down and recession  will give the same end result, duh... 
Half dozen of one 6 of the other.

Who prepares these statements? 3rd graders? 

Before you blame this one on Bush, Catrina was definetely his doing; who is really responsible for the housing melt down? No names mentioned... Clinton administration.
Wasn''t O'bama on the commission overseeing the Fanny May banking ?

Thinking.... maybe Jimmy Carter would make a good candidate.

If you ever take the time to count, there are only 50 stars on this flag

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