Saturday, October 11


Core aeration, had a company owner, Rick tell me one time in a sales meeting. "If I could only afford one service we offer it would be core aeration". Aeration can be done in the spring but is most beneficial and co-ordinated with your lawn care program in the fall. The core pulled out leaves a small hole which fills back in and re leaves soil compaction. Allowing the air down in the soil also helps to break up the thatch; as the air is the missing ingredient of the decomposing process. This all will result in the lawn building density. One process that slips the mind with aeration is as the core is pulled out it also takes some of the root system with it. The resulting 'pruning' of the root system encourages growth and also results in building density. The cores break down in about a weeks time and adds nitrogen and potassium back to the soil.
Seeding is also best done in the fall. Fall as it seems is the rebuilding season for your lawn.

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