Sunday, October 12

Random III

So whats with the Presidential stuff, has O'bama proved he was born in the USA?  Its just a piece of paper that proves you have met the prerequisits of running for that office.  Did you know that both he and McCain are lefties?

I don't think McCain is the oldest to have capaigned to that office but I don't have the stats to back that, and really, was Gerald Ford and real choice to take that office unexpectedly?  If you recall that was supposed to be Spiro Angnew's job

not to be religious or anti religious, as the jehova wittness claim to have a 'heaven on earth" what will happen to them when our sun goes supernova?

I am left handed, my computer however is set up right handed.  I play guitar right handed, I learned to bat right handed, I am a switch hitter now (not really making me any more money)  This does, however lead me to believe I am ambidextrious.  My dad's brother Harry was an ambi.  I was told in school he would write starting with the left and half way across the page he would take the pen with his right hand to finish.  Good way to avoid writer's cramp.  Could being a lefty be considered a handicap?  I have heard in golf lefties that play right handed can drive the ball farther (off the tee) so why don't the right handed golfers tee off left handed?  

why is it Arnold Palmer  is a golfer and Carson Palmer is not a footballer?

I think our government has gone a bit more socialistic than was originally planed.  It is not the governments job to make sure I wake up tomorrow, it is their job to make sure I wake up speaking english tomorrow.

what happened to the days when the average trip down to the principals office was over chewing gum in class, not carrying a loaded hand gun to class?

Do you think you can stop an avalanche?  

you know that if an "expert" or professional were to be reading my blog I would probably be institutionalized.

As for 'Global Warming' I don't think we can do anything to undo it anymore than I think we have the technology or ability to cause it.


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