Sunday, October 5

lets just be friends

Interesting senario:  We (the usa, god loving, accepting and peacful as we are) drop a nuclear bomb on North Korea, and then announce the rest of the globe, " OK who wants to be the next example?"
Thank god I'm not the president, lol
Not that we need to be a bully or anything, but please, who do you think it was that won WWII, Europe was losing till we (usa) stepped in and kicked some fucking ass. Most of the unrest that has been in the world since we (usa) cleaned up Europe and kicked the Japanese out has been in the middle east. Enough already, I just as soon see the place turned to glass, and then just tell them, shut the fuck up and mind your own. Take their oil, we showed em how the get the stuff in the first place. 
   Israel is our friend, why do we need to worry about the Palestinians? another one, kick some but, shut up or you'll be next in our collection of glass. Good vs Evil, Good is always the victor.
Batman always wins, Superman, Spiderman, Capt Kirk has another exploration next week, need I go on?
If we can just all get along you would not believe what the human race can accomplish.

Of course Jesus was born lived and Crusified in the Middle East, thats where all turmoil has always been.
Would the Native Americans (indians) have done anything with out European intervention?  I for one seriously doubt it

And I will end this post with the thought that The Beatles are the greatest.

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Jasmine said...

Open your mind a bit. It's not all about us. There is no good or evil, just differences in opinion. The US doesn't have to be the top dog for there to be peace. We aren't greater than any other nation. We just happen to often be successful. We still have problems, just like every other country, and right now other countries are doing much better than us. We all have our ups and downs. In the past, it was our time. But maybe we should step off our high horse and let someone else take the wheel for a while. At the risk of sounding like a hippy tree hugger: drop beats, not bombs =]. "Let's just be friends:" let's think about that concept in a better way-- we're all equals on this Earth, just trying to get by, so let's not any one race or nation or culture or religion or people decide we should be running things. It's about trying to find some kind of harmony: we don't all have to be playing the same note, but if we all get in the same key, we can make a great symphony.

Live the music.