Sunday, October 5

ramdom III

But I was just thinking...
why on earth would one want to buy an mp3, as poor as the replay sound is and the fact that you can just dl them with the right program.  Don't go into this pirate, thief, etc.  I never felt a bit of quilt recording an album or cd onto a cassette.  The only difference now is you don't have to personally know the person or 'friend' with the lp, cd etc, just sharing.  In fact, the first copy I ever made was the 8 track recording of Dark Side of the Moon, which resulted in me buying that recording magic many times over, once in 8 track twice in lp and once in cd. Thing is, Pink Floyd didn't get that money, the record company did.... 
Draws a fine line, are you a fan of Lynard Skynard or are you a fan of MCA?  I was a fan of old Rush, not Mercury (Mercury would be a great name for a rock band)
Is anyone else confused why the Mercury dime and Liberty dime are one in the same? Mercury is a winged male who drove the sun across the sky in a chariot; Liberty is a female winged image of "liberty".

See the thing with the home recording, now known as download, you come across an artist you really like and you want to have a professional caliber replay copy, so you go out and buy the cd, what used to be called "their last album" 
Album not being the actual lp, but rather the collection. As a family album is a collection of family pictures.
So... Lets start calling cds albums.

But than the media has a strong grip on public opinion and views. "available now in album or cassette" "at a record high" precedeing "price has come down too" (wasn't $2.49 a record high long ago?)

Novel idea: lets start over and drastically reduce the salary of the congress.  Bring them back down to see what their constituants experience.

Nothing is going to change unless you change everything.  

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