Tuesday, October 14

the life of a lawn tech

   I do really like my job :) but I do have those days.  Like I have said, lawn care is by no means an idiots job (licensed in 2 states) and the mexicans haven't moved to my field yet,  but its pretty easy.  Then you come up with the days that for no other reason other than effective routing;the last job ends up being 50 thousand square feet or more .  I walk all day dragging a hose across the lawn, by the end of the day I am just beat.  Then there it sits, one more invoice to cover and its a large yard.   Well that was todays route.  As I got near the end of the small stuff in an area had a "call first" account, for the dog or what not.  The freakin dog was out and no one was home, harrr- umf!!  So figure I'll go knock the bigger one and come back later. So any way, not to be bitching or gripping, as my day was about done after that 50k, I still needed to go get the little dinky one out of the way.  Oh well, take the good with the bad, as my boss used to say when it was just him and me on the crew, "thats  just the nature of the beast" 

 This actually includes all the 'bads' that come with the turf (pun intended)  Working in the rain, working late, huge properties with hills, the one with the dog shi_  all through the back yard...
the list goes on.  

I could go one about all the adventures this job has put me through,  the dogs that bite, the fence I jumped to keep from getting bit and then there's the traffic episodes... The life of a lawn tech.

We will just leave it at that though, *you gotta be crazy, you gotta have a real need* (pink floyd /animals- dogs)

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I love ANY behind the scenes description of a person's job. It's fascinating to me-- because I find other people's professions daunting.