Tuesday, October 14

John Denver

 My mom passed away back in 82 I think, well somewhere around then.  John Denver was her favorite musician,  so I sit and listen and think about her sometimes.  Brings a peace to my soul.  A few of the best songs I listen to are  "The Eagle and the Hawk" "Poems Prayers and Promises" and "Rhymes and Reasons".  John Denver was a unique musician, sorta country but more in the pop genre.  His music always seems to touch my soul. Maybe cause Mom liked him so much.  Was sad when he crashed in the mini plane, but then I guess that was a thing he had a passion for.  He died doing what he loved doing.  "and all those who believe in me feel the freedom I feel when I fly".


sexytheresa said...

I am glad you have good memories about her not like I did with my dad

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

John Denver takes me back to my childhood-- especially my teenage years.

Just the sound of his voice rockets me in the time machine.

He also wrote some beautiful lyrics.

I enjoy your appreciating for music. I like some Country, but mostly OLD TIME Rock n Roll-- as you do-- especially Pink Floyd.