Wednesday, October 8

new browser

Though it did take getting used to I like the new Google produdct known as Chrome.  There are a few little tweaks I would like to see but all in all it takes care of the browser job and does it well. Seems to be faster than the others I have used including IE.  Not sure why but I find myself not liking Microsoft products except for the xp os.  My default browser to this day has been Firefox by Mozilla. I did like the customising I could get with Ff, adding weather tabs, the different settings and the different skins. I have found my home page, Igoogle can do those things though.   I  did set Chrome to be my default browser.  Note, if you use more than one browser, you will want to create a short cut to that browser in desktop, quicklaunch or where you open your programs from.  Anyhow I like the set up on the Chrome and what I can do with it.  Go here to download Google Chrome.  You will have to experment with the browser and get used to it but I like it better than any I have used before.

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