Wednesday, October 29

New or Used they all Break Down

Its a cold morning,  late start at work gives me a little time to sit here and think.  You don't really want to know what went down here last night, I'll move on to whats happening this morning. 
Getting the old Ford Probe fixed at the shop.  Could have stayed in this morning but had to take MsPirate to work so I could use her van to get to work.  She works real close to the palacial estate here.  My job on the other hand is about 20 mins away by vehicle.  Oh... back to the Probe,  been leaking coolant for about 5 weeks now, that started after I found the cooling fan wouldn't pick on when needed.  Darn front wheel drive.  Nice with the old style the fan didn't need a switch to electronically tell it when to cool the motor.  Being the fan was mounted right on the drive shaft as long as the motor was on it was running too.  So this is step one of several to get the car back to where it should be.  The cv joints on the drive axel are both shot,  thats gonna be an expensive venture too.  It is a fun car to drive though; sporty, quick and nice looking.   Used cars, eek... but then you buy a new one, you finance, sign your life away and as soon as the last John Hancock is complete you just lost 50% of the value,  not really what I would call a good "investment".  Catch 22 here though, need the car to get to work, need the work to pay for the car... can I scream real loud now?

The car in the pic is not mine. Mine is Teal and does not have a sunroof.  Everything else is the same though.

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