Wednesday, October 29

Time off thinking

    Seems the only place I get a good pic of my "little buddy" is in the bathroom.  This is Aries, as you know, latest add to the 'family'.  He is such an awesome cat.  Like a little tiger he chases, pounces and even plays soccer a little with his little toys.  Is so hard to get a good picture of him with only the phone cam at my disposal, not enough light anywhere else in the Apartment.  Been listening to some tunes and just thinking.  Life is good

God must really love me,  I always seem to land on my feet and bounce back.  Been on Facebook meeting some old friends from years past.  Catching up with past is pretty neat.  I never thought  The Abbas family, lived right on the road where my life took a sharp turn.  Quite supprised I am here to type about it.  Subdural hematoma... google that one and you would see what I am talking about.  My life has taken some turns; some for good some for bad and yet I am still going.  Lost some memory, lost some time lost some friends but then one door closes and others open.  Probably if I had it to do again I should skip that day 7/31/78 and not have the adventure in that 13 year old 65 mustang; I just can't imaging what would have happened after that though.  So many have walked into my life as a direct or indirect...  Its one unbelieveable adventure.

Yes I know now that I must be here for a reason.  What that is has not presented itself to me yet.  So I go on, do what I do .  If its love you are looking for you don't have to look too hard or too far.  Its right there in front of you,  in the people that walk into your life, circumstance of them knowing you is neither good, bad nor indifferent,  just what it is.  I think back to that tragic night in my life, without that day being there I know I would not be the person I am today.  

As I sit here drinking my last cup of coffee before I head off to work my only advise would be to take your lemons and make lemomade,  there really is no bad... it just is... good, is just how you see the end result... who you meet and where you go... 

Yes my life was turned around, I met alot of people I wouldn't have with out the accident being there.  

If I had it to do again I would probably leave that day out and see what happened then, but it made me who I am today ... good, bad or indifferent

Not a Bible scholar, but it will tell you to take what you get and go with it, use it to your advantage and love god (creater, force, whatever you believe in)

more later I have to go now, need to stop in and see MsPirate before I go to work.

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