Sunday, October 5

no fear

pop rock and blues, Blue Oyster Cult is of the lesser known Great Bands. The only time I saw them live was on Saturday Night Live doing a comedy skit featureing their well known "Don't Fear the Reaper". More Cow Bell is what the skit has been come to called.   A very creative way to feature a musical guest on a comedy show. 

Having grown up learning to play the guitar, I like to know and read a little on the guitarists of the bands I listen to.  Blue Oyster Cult is a little different.  I really don't know the band that much.  I am listening to an "album" called Cultisaurus Erectus.  Have seen the album and know it exists but never really listened to it till know.  It's a very good record* 
   (albums, records?? next he'll be talkin about 8 tracks)

No,  I never had a Blue Oyster Cult 8 track...
never had a cassette, but I did have the live lp "Some Enchanted Evening"
That album is not included in the discography I have on my computer.  I do remember it opened whith a song called R U Ready to Rock. Did include the songs Don't Fear the Reader, ETI and Godzilla. Ending with an Animals cover, We Gotta Get Out of this Place.   A very good collection of the bands top selling hits; like any live or 'greatest hits' version there are many good tunes that slip though the seams as they just didn't make the radio circuit. As I would with any band, I recomend listening to the entire collection rather than just what everyone else liked. 

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