Sunday, October 26


Is there really life elsewhere, there must be . 
Does the "Time Space Continuum" guarantee there is more than just the some 100 years here on our planet?  I do ask these questions, being of logical thinking, if there is a question there must be an answer.  
 Why does the Earth only have one moon, most planets have 2 or more?  
What about the gas giants? Why does Saturn have such a noticeable ring system?  Did you know the other gas giants have rings.
What about Mars?  Could this indeed be a failure of god?  God is supposed to be infallible, so I guess that would answer that question.

Does it take your breath away?
Is it beauty beyond compare? 

Pluto, not a planet? since when was size a criteria of a planet? Doesn't one have to be the smallest?
If Pluto based on size is not a planet how can you call Sol a star? (its considerably smaller than other stars) 

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

These are incredible images. INCREDIBLE.