Sunday, October 26

Hubble trouble
well one would think do a system restore but remember, this is a new innovation and Hubble is old.  With new technology out seems the 486 processor is history, but that is what the Hubble has.  Scientists that work on Hubble and Chandra are working decades in the past.  I personally have a computer (in the closet now) that runs on a 330 processor, has 20g of memory and I did up grade it to 512 ram.  Still its no compair to the computer I use. 

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tye-dye trinity said...


Love your pictures of space! I am a space buff; spent 8 years of my life growing up in Florida and have been to many space launches. (I am going to date myself now), I remember being a little girl and being able to watch the Apollo rockets launch on tv, and then go outside with my mom and pops and watch the rocket go "over" our house! And I have been to Shuttle launches.

Yes, the Hubble is old. Yes, we need a new telescope out there to send us these beautiful pictures that is more up-to-date. But, I for one, will miss the old Hubble when its finally gone. Like I said, it has sure given us some awesome (and I mean that in the truest sense of the word) pictures of God's amazing work!

So, I will take the Hubble over nothing, until we can get something better up there. Its better than nothing!