Friday, October 24

Rainbow, Pink Floyd and me

ah, rain is good sometimes.

Boss just called, after redoing the schedule of lawns to treat ... wait a few ... lookin at the weather map.  Looking like I was gonna get hit hard by rain. Well he finally called me said bag the day have a good weekend etc.  woooooo hooooooo

So now I sit here with a 3 day weekend.... pretty cool stuff

Met a girl on line a few years back, turned to be the worst "blind date" I ever set up.  She was checking my Myspace page. I don't do the Myspace thing anymore... but any way this girl called me on the phone one time and through the conversation asked me if I was bisexual.  Have to laff a bit here.  Well she was looking at my page,
 Well I told her no, why do you ask? She  said something about the rainbow on my page, laffing a bit harder... Well I told her, that is the album art of the best album I have ever owned, Pink Floyd DarkSide of the Moon..... She was like totally void of musical knowledge, "what" and so forth, I just got a real kick out of that.

Pink Floyd having released Dark Side of the Moon went back to the sudio, another album? wow 
well they didn't out do themselves but I think Wish You Were Here was a pretty good follow up. If my research is anything I think by Billboard standards was about the best album in the history of rock and roll. (well a little opinion there too)  With tunes like Money, Us and Them, The Great Gig in the Sky, Time..... the list does goes on, songs that still make the radio after decades and I believe are still in the top 100 or so. Hats off to Gilmour and the boys.

Was talking with an old friend one day about Pink Floyd, he likes them to but made a statement I just had to agree with ... "I think Roger Waters is a pompus selfish..."  Seeing the direction the last few albums, starting with "The Wall" I just couldn't say I felt any different. 
Really I think David Gilmour was the driving artist to the band.

Was just a few weeks ago the feature musician in this song passed away. Richard Wright was one of the founding members of Pink Floyd.  As I play guitar I am into music.  I have never before heard a pianist/keyboard with as much talent as Rick.  

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