Friday, October 24

Just me

Well how about that, I finally got out to get my haircut.  I usually like a certain friend to cut it but I think she's been a bit busy here the past few, new baby, boy friend, work, school and all that mess. 
Off work today so I am trying to manage my time effectively.  Since I want to make the most of my time I thought I would get little 'bud-wink' in the pic too. He was squirming a bit at the time of the pic but Aries is really a nice cat.  Not sure where the nic name bud-wink came from but I just like to call my cats a nic for friendship reasons.  

So the weekend is here and I really don't have a lot planned, today off work sorta turned it into an unexpected 3 day event.  Rain in the area till tomorrow or so 'they' say (they- those nebulous beings that get paid to be wrong, ie weathermen) Whatever the weekend holds I am confident that T and I will have some fun. Oh forgot to mention; T, I do love you!!!
Well just thought those that see my blog might like a pic of me since its not on the profile.  Also thought I would give you a good shot of Aries since my only other cam is my phone,  you know how those phone cams are.

Its been great talkin with you again and hope to carry on as I love blogging


Ms Neo said...

oh yea having fun this weekend yea right what fun i have to work and you will be blogging all day then i come home and do nothing what fun that well be you dont need to post this just hope you read it

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Have a great weekend. Aries is just such a beautiful cat.

I also love the comment above from ms neo.