Monday, October 13

Rambom IV

Ok now that I have your attention.
I hope you didn't sell all your stock for a loss.  I had a feeling it wouldn't stay down for long.  If I just had the extra money I would have bought a few hundred or thousand in stock shares. 

O'bama (can't forget the aspostrphe) still hasn't turned over his birth certificate?   If not mistaken, it is a prerequistet of being born in the USA to run for president.  Why did he change his name to go to Kenya or where ever it was he went?  The man is a politician, can't be trusted as far as you can throw him, remember that.

Giving equal time: McCain is also a politician

Has dirty politics always been around, did John Adams down and bash George? I just wonder.  Thought you should be talking and selling yourself and your accomplishments during the camagne. 

<----- pizza beer break, give me about 5 mins...

well make that 3 mins...

how would you descride a volley ball?  round with little square thingies on it?  

And whats with the aggrivating sounds that go with video games? no wonder I never really got into the video game scene. Did chicken invaders for a little. Funny game, those sounds just really get on my nerves.

Only beer I have tasted and didn't really like was Iron City Beer,  tasted like it was made from iron slag water.  My brother brought me one from Pittsburg, pretty nasty stuff, thought Red White and Blue to be a little better.
Whiskey is an interesting drink, and yes... it does have an appealling flavor to it.  Jim Beam, not so much bite.  I like Wild Turkey too, but it doesn't seem to like me much, think I'll stick to the Beam and Dew or Beam and Coke or my fav, Beam on the rocks. 

Stopped at the store on the way home from work, average convienence store, we will call it Hoji Mart as to not upset the advertising loop.  Had my beer, had my cigs and gfs cigs, just couldn't pull through on the rolling papers... darn, just my luck... settled for the jb 1.25 instead of the zigzag whites.  Hoji was there, said he would put them on the order as he was filling the order sheet out as I came in.  nice guy huh?

Not gonna tell ya what I did with the rolling papers, you have an imagination, use it.

When you see the lawn care truck out there,  most of the time the guy is driving to another lawn.  Truegreen I'm not so sure about (Scotts is bad for that too)  Sometimes the tech (term used lightly with Trugreen) will hang paper and not do the application. This is called ghosting or paper hanging in the industry.  Not a very honest thing to do, I never have, but know plenty of guys that do and it is an easy way to get yourself fired.   Its not that tough of a job once you learn a few basic things. 1  you represent the company, behave as you would in public ,  if you don't know an answer tell the customer you will get back to them on that and follow up.  The follow up will do wonders to make you look professional. 2 The customer is the one that pays your paycheck,  enough said there. 3 npk, look it up on your periodic table, n is top growth, p is root and stem development, k is cell structure.
4 Selective Herbicide will kill about all things but turf, the things you don't want to kill die easier than the things you do want to kill. Trust me I know this from experience.  Its a great job, outside, no on site supervision and makes the day go quicker when you stay busy.

Why do we put girls pics on our cell phones, and the pic is not the girlfriend?

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I love your line...

" I like Wild Turkey too, but it doesn't seem to like me much"

Good stuff. I totally relate to this.

Enjoyed your post.