Thursday, October 23

random/ political opinion

Being I don't like assumption, why would it be to carry a conversation I am expected to assume things.  Can a conversation include exact meanings, or at least near meanings instead of assuming that I know what the f you are talking about?  Yes I am smart, yes I do have intelligence, this is why I stay away from assumptions.  Assuming I am hungry; no assumption needed there, I already said "I am hungry".  Of course this means I go to the kitchen and fix myself something to eat.  This does tend to eat up time, as I first much decide what I want and then fix it, not counting the time it takes to eat what ever it is I have prepared.  Assuming is like not knowing the lyrics of a song and singing it anyway.  <----- this is known as a simily (comparison using like or as)
Metaphore would be "shut the hell up till you learn the words of that song"

But anyway, how are you?  Other than a bit confused I am fine.  Good day at work, just got stuck behind some awful drivers* .  Other than getting on my nerves was not really a proplem.

Do you know why I do not talk to Ted anymore? 
because he is a dumb ____ , and I prefer not to talk with those kinds.  I do however appreciate mindful conversation.  Not to say I am the coldest beer in the cooler but I do need some form and function to conversation.  More than just me and you, subjects like favorite music,  some random conversation is good to.  
Guess this is why I have gotten away from the music rooms in Paltalk, the jist of the conversation always tends to be "great tune" .... excuse me, but if it wasn't a great tune in my mind I would not have broadcast it.  I appreciate that you like it too, but can we move past this and have a real conversation?

Why do I not support O'bama? well one reason is his wife.  Aside from the associations in his past I am not comfortable with a first lady who "is not proud of my country". <--- yes note the quotes

I have studied American History in school, and while not agreeing with everything in our past I am damn proud to be an American.  Excuse me but civil rights was a long time ago.  Yes there is change still needed but I am seeing reverse discrimination these past years. On that subject how far would I get with a "White American College Fund"?  Why am I pasted over the job I am qualified for just because you need to employ more "minorities"? 

Gay Marriage? of course I don't want to redefine Marriage, so lets just call it gay union, if a couple live together why not consider them "married"? both on the same insurance, shared cost they should be able to file as married on their taxes... etc

Abortion is way off base as a reason to decide who to vote for.  In this mans opinion it is a personal choice, you will deal with the creator (god) on your day of reckoning

Now gun rights, that's a reason, I don't own a gun but if they are illegal to own then the only ones with guns will be the criminals.  Heard today that O'bama voted no 4 times in Ill on a bill to allow a person to shot a burglar in their own home.  WTF if someone is in my house taking my stuff and I had a gun I would shoot first ask questions later.

Raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations, this is not going to work, for one the wealthy are the ones that do most of the hiring, the rest of the hiring is corporations, raise thier taxes is a good way to ask for inflation and unemployment

Now comes the hard part, I don't like McCain either,  however his running mate is cute.
I do like the policies but federal health care won't work.   You could mandate that all employers offer it but that is just going to drive the cost of everything up.

What happens if the candidate is singe?  Who is the first lady then? His current girl friend?

Final decision: vote for Batman, to keep with the times his running mate is Wonderwoman
Alfred will be secretary of state

*awful drivers used to prevent the 'dumb fuck' phrase from being used

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