Thursday, October 23

Some are based on books

This is only one song Rush did based on the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand.  I bought the album 2112 long long ago, in the credits it does say "dedicated to the literary genius of Ayn Rand.  That is another song, side one of 2112 is an epic rock song. The story line is socialist gov't a guy discovers a guitar figures out how to play and the 'Elders" tell him it is a waste of time... etc the guy ends up killing himself " my life blood spills over" its a great song

well a few years ago I actually read the novel, anthem.  Similar story line.  The book does explain deeper, the guy wanted to be a teacher and was appointed as street sweeper, he then rebels agaist the system and in this he rediscovers the candle, used them for reading lights.
One real weird thing about the book is it is writen to be readings from his journal, he does not refer to himself as I for most of the novel rather refers to himself as we.  It is really a good read and I don't read real fast but finished it in about a day.  Having listened to Rush as long as I have made it a bit more interesting I think.

I have dropped off from Rush, seems the band took a different turn about the time of Permanent Waves and I really didn't follow thier change, still like them and listen to thier first 7 albums, ending at Hemishpheres. 

Also I have tried reading other Ayn Rand books, and seems to be pretty myopic, alot of stories about government and socialism, well I did get one good read from the experience. 

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

This is an awesome song and the FIRST time I've ever heard it.