Tuesday, October 21


So much to take care of today. Friday I found my check book was stolen from my car, not such a big deal besides feeling violated, but put a stop on check #s xx thru xx and shit wouldn't you know, those were the last of my checks, had to order new box of checks.  Pay the cell phone, pay the cable and the electric and .... oh well, want stuff its gotta be paid for.  Like to be one of the lucky getting the gov't to bail out on mortgage dilemma... first you pressure the banks to lighten up credit credentials then  the poor; who had no business borrowing money to start with get bailed on my tax dollars, sounds like we  live in the USSA 
Speaking of that where in the universe do you see it fair that a poor non workin schlep is entitled to better health care than a hard working, paying his bills dude like me, I don't get it.

average sponge: gov't food, gov't housing, gov't health care, gov't cable, gov't cell phone... the list goes on and on, why the hell am I working? Think I will just quit and become a gov't subsidised person, hell they probably even get gov't sub legal representation ( so the man can't hold him down no more) 

average hard working dude: pay the groceries, pay the mortgage/rent, pay my bills leaving me no money to go to the doctor, go to the dentist, the eye doctor, the personal trainer, the spa, etc.

all this cause I live the American dream... I work pay my taxes and pay bills pay pay pay pay ...

more later when I come back to my senses

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