Tuesday, October 21

will that be cash or credit?

everyone wants mine,  including my x wife, even after my daughter has turned 18 .... I just can't make enough of it.  And wtf is up with the cable co. transfer balance, your bill has been updated 3 times etc I don't have to listen to you hollar at me, on and on and on... "fine I'll just pay the freakin bill"  (hangs up the phone)

Money is the root of all evil

but then, money makes the world go round, cept for the sponges... you know, gov't food housing, etc ... covered that on another post.

why don't they make a $12 bill, makes more sense to me than a 2
Well temporary set back, will have to wait on the Porsche...

Bengals, yee, ha; 0-7 now.... thinking my prediction of 0 and whatever maybe a prophesy....
does Mike Brown not see the problem is Mike Brown?  Its never been a coach/player issue, since he took over the franchise from his dad (the great Paul Brown) the team has sucked incredibly. Just hire a GM and let the coaching staff do what they do best, coach!

But whether they do well or terrible Mike still gets his money.  Largest profitable mistake ever.

What does a person do with a $2 bill,  I just don't get it, isn't a fin good enough?

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