Thursday, October 30

Well here I sit again, thinking thinking thinking....
I see I picked up another follower.... this is sorta cool, my blog is getting out there and getting some notice.  Its just me thinking on the keyboard and I like to share tunes that I like with others.  Your musical taste does somewhat define who you are and what you stand for.

Halloween coming up,  being in an apartment not expecting alot of activity again this year but then there are alot of kids in this apartment, guess I should buy some candy just in case.  I have decided to be myself this holloween, that should scare the heck out of some.

In the spirit of being fair Halloween should be a national holiday.  Seeing the church/state issue Christmas gets alot of attention, to be fair shouldn't the only Pagan holiday get that much attention?  Halloween carols, the 12 days of Pagan mischief, Satan is coming to town... etc

mind if pulling a blank.... give me a few I will start writing again

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