Sunday, November 9

bill board top 100

Well I did get the wash in do still need to take out lthe garbage but that can just hold up a minute
Sunday with out the Bungles to make fun of is a boring long day.  Oh did you see, we are 1-8 now and all the idiot fans are running about "who-dey".  Pretty stupid fight cheer even when they are winning. Welcome to the jungle was a bit better but needed to be changed to welcome to my jail cell.  

Reaching #2 in 1982 (billboard) The eye of the tinger was a song of devotion and will. Went along with the 3rd of the Rocky movies, starring Sylvester Stallone.  Was problably the better of the Rocky movies, what did that go up to? Rocky XXII ?  

Did just move this music file, billboard top 100 of 1982, to a cd; strange line up of songs to compair, Olivia Newton John just doesn't seem to be quite the same genra as Steve Miller Band.  I mean come on!  How can you say a Willie Nelson tune is a more popular tune than the Cars?  We are talking 2 completely different groups of people that listen to these 2 artists.  Not that I have anything against Willie or The Cars, but lets compair these in different catagories

I hardly think George Benson to be the same crowd that listens to Air Supply or the Motels for that matter.

John Cougar Mellencamp was pretty popular that year.  He's on with 2 tunes

So it just seems to be a collective grouping of different genre and can't be looked at as a list of this is better than that.  Stevie Ray Vaughn never made it on a bilboard listing.  


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I so appreciate your love of music and the desire you have to comment on it.

It's very much like poetic commentary.

plastic assassin said...

you're right. such a comparison dishonors willie though i'll say "give me dylan or give me death".

Neo said...

Plastic, don't you think Hendrix did a better rendition of all along the watch tower?

plastic assassin said...

yes, but it's not my favorite hendrix tune.