Sunday, November 9

my generation

It would have to be a toss up between Snagglepuss and Deputy Dawg.  I used to love this cartoon. I find it is interesting that Snagglepus is a Panther colored in Pink. Isn't this come kind of copywrite infringement of something?  Well anyway, a few years back, probably more than that there was a park here in Cincinnati, King Island , much of the park was based on the Hanna Bargara cartoon.  Was fun to go to a cartoon land.  Now tlhe park has been bought by Paramount Studios and is now all themed around the newer motion pictures that are out (well from a few years back) Top Gun and such.  Alot more real cool rollercoasters now. 
     But anyway I was just thinking back in my generation how everything was themed to cartoons.   Cartoons are still pretty cool.  I don't watch tv alot but once in a while I do catch a bugs bunny cartoon.  They just aren't the same though.  Back in the 70's I think Warner Bros peaked on the Bugs Bunny Roadrunner show.  Lets not forget to mention the Flintstones and The Jettsons, opposite ends of the time continuem.  

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I was once allowed the great honor to meet Joe Barbera, the creator of the Flintstones. I interviewed him in Los Angeles for a news series I was working on.

What a delightful man. His office was FULL of HUGE stuffed figures of all these characters we've seen on TV.