Thursday, November 20

coffee and blogs

coffee and blogs, great morning.
Just sitting around till work begins thinking blogging and what not.
was darn cold yesterday, but made it. Its nice to come home and take a nice hot bath warms me up and the wine helps there too. Functional alcoholic? ..... na, I just like wine and my weekend whiskey.
Anyhow as the Safety Commissioner its good to see me back in the story ( refer to another blog)
REII has a pretty cool blog going

well we did it, bought Ms Pirate a used Chevy Blazer, she likes it (most important) I drove it, felt like a solid piece of machinery, and the price was right. So now we both have Teal cars, well hers is an SUV... think we can still say thats her car. Mine is a Ford hers is, well I just told you a Chevy.

Pink Floyd rocks.... and it is blues... band called "Blue Floyd" makes no sense what so ever.
This is just Pink Floyd music done by another band. You can't take blues and 'redo' it to a blues format. can't be done. Was told about this band composed of some old blues men, think its the drummer from the Allman bros and and some other blues musicians. So this is Pink Floyd music done in a blues style, I laugh; this would be like taking spaghetti and magically making it Italian.
Pink Floyd is blues and can't be remade to be blues.

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