Friday, November 21


Well its the day after now (there's a song in there somewhere) or would that be the morning after? yea that's it, remember the Poseidon Adventure?

Early morning, Ms Pirate has gone to work and I sit here, my cat Aries is in the bed room just purring as a cat does.
No set schedule to my job, basically start to finish, sometimes 7 but now have to let the ground thaw a little to prevent damage to the turf.

Been a good life, I don't have much but what I have is mine
not so much the material as the intrinsic
my most prized is knowledge
including my spiritual knowledge
and my adventures in this place we call
Good Bad or indifferent it all comes with learning
There was the time my brother rode his bicycle with roller skates on
took about a week for the knot on his head to go away
I learned (in my minds little note pad... don't ride bike wearing skates)
Life is good even with its bad twists and turns
Mom is gone, she left this world long ago
I miss her but to look back she left for a reason
it was a season of growth
Lose the good to become better
I have learned much and there is so much more to learn
to some I am ignorant
and some are ignorant to me
don't ignore me; what I say is true
when you have the time to listen I will tell you again
as all things are
Life is temporary
hold it live it and love it
be it good bad or indifferent you will learn

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