Monday, November 3


     Yes, I do believe we all have those dragons in our lives.   To some it may be the drink, to others it could be a rebelious streak; and at times  become too mighty to slay.  We should all be as knights, with weapons, be it the sword, the spear or the mind.  The dragon can as you know always be caught off guard.  This is when it is best to be on the offensive.  You see, the dragon is large, sharp talons upon his hands and feet and yes he does breath fire.  As the sword can pierce the drangons heart, fire can also be used to his demise.  Think not of his size, for the tall have far to plumet the large are not agile. Use your weapons wisely, it is easy to outwit the witless.  Go forth with courage and slay the dragon.  

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

This is really so *wise* and true. It applies to the "human condition."

Well stated. Yes, ALL of us.