Sunday, November 2


So we won this one. While I should be hooting and yipee, I am looking at the second half.  Poor management of a winning score.  Gave up 10 points in one quarter and darn near lost the game.
These guys need some transition work like a new general manager.  When you're ahead 14-3 at half time you should come away with a better win than 21-19.  lost some steam there in the second half.  All Jacksonville needed was a play on the 2 point conversion and then the game would have gone to overtime.  Sweating bullets is what it was.  Furthermore, Bengals had to punt on the final drive giving yet another chance to allow victory to fall into the abiss of defeat.  Yes they won but the Bengals need to do much better than that to pull anything more than a total defeat of a season.  I am not a sports writer but this victory was in the hands of good luck. The Bengals are still the Bungles in my book. just the opinion of a Bengals fan.

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