Wednesday, November 12

Earth and Luna

The Earth and Luna, perfect couple.  As you probably already know the moon (Luna) is responsible for the tide on Earth.  The gravity of Luna is what brings the tide in and out on our ocean seaboards.  Just for a minute stop and think... "What if we had 2 moons?"  This would offset everything.  I was thinking back a few months ago when a "near earth object (NEO) and not thats not the Neo in my sn; was expected to come dangerously close to Earth.  The asteroid 2007tu24 was seen on a tragectary to impact with Earth.  As time went it  passed closer to Mars than it was to Earth.  I was thinking in the time it was approaching it could have been grabbed by Earths gravity into a permanent orbit then becoming our second moon.  I do think as do scientists this is how Mars got its 2 moons Phobos and Deimos.  Would the 2 moons cancel each other to leave no tide on Earth, or perhaps a double tide?  Would be interesting to see a print out of what that would mean here on Earth.  Would it have an effect on the ecological balance?  So just how important is the tide? just some interesting thoughts.

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