Thursday, November 13


If this craft can only reach low earth orbit why in the world have we been exclusively using this craft for space exploration for 20 years.  Did someone at NASA forget that SPACE means outside of earths orbit.  Or actually it must have been everyone at NASA forgot that  OUTERSPACE is well beyond this crafts capability.  No wonder we haven't been back to the Moon since the 70's.  Oh my god, did you hear that? not back since the 70's!  And we are just now getting it together to get back there and it won't be till 2020?  What is with these guys?  Do they work for the government or something?  I'm not a rocket scientist but isn't there something that will allow the shuttle to become a starship? Oh wait, I gotta better idea! Lets use the shuttle to build a ship in orbit; then we will have a star ship and we can just add that to the fleet rather than replace an already usable space ship.  If you need to be told, I don't think you do but someone needs to mention to NASA that it this will work in a leap frog kind of order, moon to mars and etc.
    Ok ok enough bitching a griping,  all looks go for tlhe Endeavor tomorrow evening.  There is a slight chance that weather might delay the launch, but that is a slight chance.  Home improvement mission to the ISS to fix solar arrays and make more space in the living quarters to increase the crew size from 3 to 6.  
    Did you know the disposable diaber came from the space program?
If centrifical force can create gravity, why don't space ships spin? (there really isn't an up in space)  
One point to my theory: Sail boats are made close to the water.  In fact I don't think you need to launch a battle ship or aircraftcarrier, aren't they built on the water? 

well enough rambling for now, talk to ya later


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

So much here for me to ponder, Neo.

Good points.

tye-dye trinity said...

I am watching NASA tv as I write, watching them load Endeavor for tonights trip. I have been to many space shuttle launches (apollo too) and it is alway an awesome sight to behold.

I will miss being there tonight because it is a nighttime launch the beauty of it just will not be done justice on tv. Plan to be there in 2010 with family for the last shuttle launch.

I can't wait for us to go back to the moon. Yes, it will take time and we will have to wait, but I think it will be so worth the wait. I am excited about our space future!