Monday, November 24

found another one

not sure how new it is but I found a program for anyone interested in space exploration and travel. Celestia is a freeware program, is safe for your computer and includes both information and images of where ever you want to look in the universe (provided mankind has telescopic images of there) It covers a vast array of planets, stars and galaxies. It takes a bit of getting used to but I'm sure if you can blog or read blogs you will catch on with ease. Pass the news along as we are all interested in space. When I first bring up the program there is a picture of the Earth, take the cursor to the Navigation button and choose solar system browser, quite literally the sky is the limit from there. The time button is one to work with also as you increase the speed you can watch the planets rotate. Once you arrive at the image, right click and choose info, this will bring up your default browser with a page full of information on the planet, galaxy or star. This is a must have for any space buff.


R.E.II (The Missing Chapters) said...

This is amazing. Thanks

Siren said...

I will have to check this out after work tonight