Monday, November 24

Day off

Ok so I'm back to write (type) a few more thoughts.

This picture used to be my favorite wall paper, it soon fell short of the Dark Side of the Moon album art. I did notice the image of PP is a bit sharper than it is as a wall paper. Not enough pixels or whatever. Have stayed with that one a solid 2 years and then I'll find a picture I like and use that one for a while then back to DSotM . Found after about a year using this Pink Panther cartoon that it was actually just one of a set that shows Pink coming through the wall. a
cyberfriend of mine sent it to me in a file trans back in the day when I had my FTP program up and running. Lost it a few formats ago. For all the "shouldn'ts" I do on the computer I have supprisingly only had to format 3 times in over 5 years. Word is to keep the program fresh save and format should be done after say 3 or so years; but then why fix something that isn't broken

MSN says if its not broken we will fix it till it is.

My FTP was a pretty cool program. Bullet Proof was the program name. Is about $35 in the store. Allows you to set certain folders on the hard drive to be shared with another computer by knowing the IP of that computer. Sorta like Neo's own little Limewire. Most of my files to be shared were of course tunes, a few videos and assorted pictures. Don't tell anyone but I had a few programs to share as well. The main problem with my FTP was you have to be a little computer savoy to use the program that accesses the FTP. SmartFTP was the one I preferred but there are others out there; known as FTP client programs, Flash, Filezilla to name 2. I used another web service called No-ip to set up the domain name without directly giving out my IP. Would set it up as:, or some such as that. Another problem was people that would log to my FTP and stay on for hours coping everything there as being connected tends to use up bandwidth and slows my computer down. This was where the garage sale computer entered the picture. Found a few computers for sale at a garage sale; several towers, 1 monitor, several keyboards, all for the drastically reduced price of $30, I couldn't say no. The best one of the batch was an A-square with a 330 speed processor. They will tell you 700 or so is the recommended minimum speed for XP, but not having windows 2000 I formatted XP and had an incredibly slow second computer. That was ok for what I needed, just a separate computer to run my FTP though.

I think I can safely say I have a bit of computer savoy. I don't know about hacking, programing or such, but as an end user, I have a working knowledge of the computer, more on the software end but I know a bit in the hardware aspect as well. I have installed new USB ports and additional RAM (random access memory) to my Dell computer. Also needed to replace the nic card once; thats the one that gets you to cyberspace.

The last upgrade to my Dell was a new monitor. MsPirate got me a new one when she bought her Dell (somewhat used). My old Dell monitor needed drivers installed every time I formatted, this new one, a 17' flat screen was no problem, I just plugged in the cords and it works. I really do love that gal.

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