Saturday, November 15

Great night

Pretty exciting night.  After some stuff went down on the last move I was out a bed.  Till tonight Ms Pirate and I were sleeping on a fairly nice airbed.  Needless to say airbeds and felines do not mix. Let me repeat that so you don't make the same mistake I did; cats and inflatable beds do not mix.  Well the Ms and I went a ways across town to a bed store and picked up a nice box spring and mattress.  But wait, there's more... on the way back home stopped by the local Wally World picked up a new set of sheets, some candles, sexy underwear and some mattress protector plastics, etc.
Oh and we did grab a bit to eat after the bed purchase. If you are familiar with the Cincinnati area and the name Skyline Chili , need I say more?  Well anyways, got the bed home and all went with out a hitch, nice bed, candles burning, sexy underwear, you see where this is all going I hope. Oh, I did spend a little more on my bottle of wine tonight too (refer back to earlier post).  Life is good, better yet, life is close to perfect. As you can probably tell Neo is happy tonight.
Sorry no pictures of the sexy underwear.

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