Saturday, November 15

Time and what to do with it

I love blogging, we will call it my new hobby. I used to be into finding old computers and pirateing xp onto them to come up with the slowest computer in the world.  I would hang around on Paltalk in the geek rooms talk with and say hay to all my geeky so called "friends".  Learned a few things in the adventure, how to work the computer with no icons on the desktop, how to ping my network, and so on.  Now I have a new toy, blogging.  No back talk, no jealousy and no jury to convict me. I decide what is said, if I don't like it I don't need to publish or post it. Ha ha, sorta god like, no but really I just like to let it be known.

Sorry, Ms Pirate came home on work break... I'm back

oh yea, I was reading a new blog today talking about wasting time on the computer, wow, how true is this?  Well as I see it having fun is not such a waste of time, as long as my bills are paid the apartment isn't a mess and all is ok in life .... time to spare.

Again, thank you Douglas, I think we may have more in common then just being a pair of geeks

in the web site 'screen mates' I have an app running called sheep.exe, its a funny little program that will keep you laughin, check into it.


R.E.II™ said...

How for instance does one respond to this. The particular traditions and standards we all have inherited are changing. Thanks to technology. Ill check out this link

Psyconym said...

I htink blogging is my hobby now. I hav eto make the separation between the blog, and attempting to write for money. Otherwise I'd blog and do nothing else.

Hope you are grovy.