Thursday, November 6

Hats off to Phoenix

This was such an exciting mission.  From the propulsion landing and all the tests and tastes of the soil, the dust storms, finding water, it was all so intriging.  I was paying very close attention to all that was going on.  I used the news alert feature on my gmail to get daily reports and read blogs news letters and reports.  It was so cool to see the lander make its last days journey to Mars and to succcessfully land in the northern polar regoin.  Intending to last 90 days it went far beyond expectation and was a complete success.  Mr. Smith and Goldstein, head scientists of the mission are to be commended on a great mission.  So much information, and raised new questions.  Phoenix has now gone into the "groundhog" phase of the mission. As the sun sets for the Autumn on Mars there is little power left.  Phoenix will continue to measure air pressure and temperature and send its findings to the Mars Orbiter which will relay findings to Earth until the lander is no longer able to operate. Again this mission was so exciting.  I will continue to follow the Rover missions and post what I learn from them and also will keep my eyes on the Saturn mission of Cassini.  This solar system is so full of wonder and the images are out of this world (pun intended)  NASA needs funding I hope we can get Manned missions there someday.

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Phoenix gave all of us an INCREDIBLE ride. What a mission!