Wednesday, November 5


 this is a personal matter between me and the creator (whom ever that is ) the force, god, juiter, zeus or what ever.  You know whats right, murder theft, and vanalism are all wrong, loving, being kind and giving a shit are all 'right'.  But why is it I feel more comfortable with the catholic church? Well for one, comunion is done every week, this is how I feel "one" with Jesus.  He did say at the last supper "Do this in memory of me" As a christian I try to remember Christ and do as he did. Yea I fall short most of the time but as long as I try, and stay on the 'right' path I think I will be ok.  As for the bible, this is a collection of books, a sort of mini library. Some are fiction some are fact and some even have a moral.  The book of Job, for example; fictional character, described to have a bunch of problems all of which were brought upon him by Satan. (just to see how 'righous' he was)  Come on now, losing all the sheep cattle and livestock? just poor farm management, the hives and blisters and such? have you ever dealt with bed bugs? In the end supposedly he gets all back 3 fold or so?? How do you get dead family members back? remember his childern and wife were all "taken" from him.... well enough about that

Church is a money scheme... a great social experience, but not necessary to be religious.  So lets go have a burnt offering (cook out) and praise the lord (just say thanks for being alive) and have a good time!

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