Tuesday, November 18

in the morning

Ah yes, early morning again, ready for another day in the trenches. One of the only things I don't like about my job, early year and late year working outside in the cold. Yesterday about 10 am I was in a sleet/hail fall for about 15 minutes, it was a rough go. Forecast is calling on colder today than yesterday, then again this is the part of the year I am in the truck most of the time. As route manager I am the responsible soul, my helper gets out and does the fertilizer and I do the paper work, lots of that thanks to the EPA and Agg dept. Work with pesticides and have to keep records of everything. Date, time, wind speed/direction, what I applied, etc etc etc. One copy for the customer and one copy to take back to the office, feel like I'm writing a book sometimes.
So Ms has the day off today, is a drag in a way that we don't get the same day off but that's life so I deal with it. I just hope she takes it as a day off. She is known to stress out "have to have to have to" on her days off. Clean, do laundry, etc. hope she just sits back and takes the day off.
Need another cup of coffee, back in a minute.

I'm back... oh yea Ms and her day off... She is looking for a vehicle, used, as we are on the bad word: "budget". Looking into an SUV or mini van. I personally think she likes the idea of the SUV a little better. She's clicking through Craigslist to find one, she also has a friend she works with might be some help.

If you recall a few posts ago I was complaining about the way blogger was giving me trouble. I think I figured this one out. It was the browser, google has a new browser called Chrome. As it is relatively new it doesn't work with all web sites, using Firefox is working a little better. Looking like I will stick with the Firefox when blogging. I do like the Chrome though, has many features that make it easier to browse with.

Well time to wrap up and get to my short day at work, will keep ya posted to any new stuff in a bit. bye, have a great day & I love you Ms Pirate

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Ms Neo said...

Thank pirate that is so sweet to say I don't have to do anything.