Tuesday, November 18

More Random thoughts

junk! --------^
just like I thought, home early. Just gonna sit and chill out for a few. Ms is still looking for that used vehicle she needs. Her mini van has a bad blower, no heat, defrost or even vent, and several other probs, just as well to let it go and get another. Only problem I see with a used vehicle is the "dated" parts (brakes, tires etc) that need periodic service. But then come to think, every thing on a vehicle is "dated". Water pumps go out, altenators, starters, etc. Come to think of it the entire purchase is recycleable.
Do you remember the K car by Chrysler? Junk as soon as you bought it, lol

Call me prejudiced but I would never buy a Chrysler product. Have never owned one, parents didn't own one, I just don't like them. In fact strike that, my dad had a Dodge Ram, and it did him pretty well. I really have no idea where this anti-Chrysler thing came from.

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