Wednesday, November 26

its wild

So have a good drowned, as you go down, all alone.

dragged down by the stone.

lyrics Pink Floyd / Animals/ Dogs

an album designed to draw attention to he people in society labeled with Animal names.

To reallly listen to the song (album for that matter) is really intense. Shows the true side of what people are and what they do, feel and think.

and some of our deed inner fears; that we keep secret from the world

Ok enough of that, listening to the Beatles.... Yellow submarine at present; very strange song, but we can life with that.

Having a glass of wine, excuse me

and so goes the evening. Mellow and cool

Eleanor Rigeby, picks up the rice where a wedding has been
what do you suppose they mean?

is interesting to think of the pscyological meaning of some songs.

Beatles (later) Pink Floyd and Rush had alot of that in the lyrics

Did you know "horse with no name" is about heroin ?

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