Saturday, November 22

lets learn lawn care

anyone finding the internet exceptionally slow today? Seems like the igoogle is taking a long time to load up a few other sites are rather slow as well. Blogger seems to be working fine and the problem seems to be firefox, chrome is working pretty well. I don't use Internet Explorer any more. Bill Gates is too stinking rich, why do I want to contribute to his wealth when the actual idea of windows was stolen from a work mate at IBM. I am not into Socialism or anything but once you become a millionaire shouldn't you help others rather than building wealth? <---- I never said that. I was thinking the other day about color. why does one choose a color to be a favorite? Me for example, why am I drawn to red? Red doesn't look good in clothing on me and I have only had one red car, have been through a string of cars,about 12 of them. When asked, ever since I was young "whats your favorite color?" red would be the response. Granted Ms Pirate looks real sexy in the red panties and bra she bought but I think that more the style than the color. Maybe its the rebel side I was born with. Red being a loud color and all.

I think the biblical shame of body thing came from a swimwear company. I can see wearing clothes in a professional setting, can't see being naked at family gatherings and in the middle of the winter but honestly, what the heck is this swim suit garbage? I have even seen female swim suits that might as well not be there and what are you really covering up in a speedo? (tends to show a mans short comings) wink wink.
I have never been to a nudist colony, there is one here in Cincinnati. Well except the one time in October when I went to treat the lawn. Would seem to take some of the mystery out of meeting someone for the first time and would probably take some getting used to. I always did feel a little uneasy in the locker room at the Y.

I wonder how mankind existed before the advent of clothing.

The direction this country is going I'm surprised its legal to take your pet out in public naked.

For the record, wondering why marijuana can be illegal. would it make any sense to make tomatoes or radishes illegal? So pot gets you stoned? Its not man made or man synthesised in any way, isn't this just gods way of saying hi, enjoy my fruits.
Oh and by the way, tomatoes are fruits as are beans, corn and jalapenos. Marijuana is actually a vegetable or you could, I suppose consider it a weed. Broad leaf weed at that.

The herbicide I use on a lawn is classified 'selective herbicide'. The selection comes in as whether the plant is monocot or dicot. A dicot is a plant that emerges from the seed with 2 or more leaves, naturally a monocot, you guessed it, emerges with only 1 leaf. Turf grasses are monocot so the herbicide does not effect it. It will stress it somewhat, which is why you only spot treat weeds in the summer time. The heat and lack of rainfall are stressful enough, you might end up with tip burn. As the lawn care season is winding down, I will be doing field work till Thanksgiving, I will be left with the stragglers after that; lets talk about application #1. First application has 2 cycles, that early customers get fertilizer with pre-emergence weed control. This is to control mainly crabgrass but there are a few other benefits to the application. 1 is it feeds the lawn with macro nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, 2 it does have some control of broad leaf weeds such as chickweed. Phase 2 of application #1 is incorporating post-emergence herbicide. Yea your pretty bright, this will kill the weeds after they have emerged. Dandelion is that first weed that people see with its large yellow flower and all but the ones to first emerge will be chickweed as it is a winter annual. emerging in the winter when most annuals die; it sticks around for the early spring. Speedwell is another winter annual most don't notice and takes inspection to find as it is green like turf and produces no flowers. Above all this with weed control, grassy and broadleaf the more important part of any IPM (integrated pest management) Program is the fertilizer. A thick lush lawn is the best weed control. Density is the key, the more grass plants in your yard the less of a weed problem you will have as it is competition for space. I do think aeration to be the single most effective way to combat weeds. The Process takes about the time it takes to mow a lawn and pulls hundreds of small finger sized plugs of soil out of the lawn. This process helps to relieve compaction in the soil as the holes left will fill in within a week, making it easier for the roots to grow, and water to penetrate the soil. It also pulls plants and roots out with the plugs, acting as pruning. And guess what? Pruning encourages growth. My dad wanted to employ my services this coming year, We offer 6 treatments in the regular program, my dad only wanted 3. I told him the only way I would do 3 treatments is to also have us aerate the lawn. 3 treatments would be sufficient but he's my dad and I thought for what he wanted (results) he would be better off with that program.

ok I hear ya, most say "I don't really give a .... or who dive a rats ... but I learned all this the first day I worked in the lawn care field beyond being a mower jockey. Lawn mowing is quite a different animal. More time is required, I could not mow as many lawns as I treat in a day. Some of the lawns I treat in and hour would take about 4-5 hours to mow, and you can hire anyone at all to run a mower. As long as you can deal with the heat, and can understand directions a 3rd grader could understand than lawn mowing is your gig. Lawn Care on the other hand while not rocket science, takes a bit intelligence. First you have to be able to read and comprehend the information on a pesticide label. You also need to know what weeds you can control, what pesticides to use and how to safely handle pesticides. The job also requires a drivers license. A pesticide license is not required in Ohio, you can work under the company owners license

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Watson's Dad said...

What a great description of the use of herbicides and why they work on the plants applied. My education on monocot and dicot was an eye opener to me when I first learned of it. After that, it made so much sense and changed the way I care for my landscape.
As a fellow plant person, I can relate to the real challenge of relaying basic information to gardeners/home owners...water deeply, take an active approach to weeds and the rest is really not that difficult.
Thanks for the great post.