Sunday, November 23


So here I sit just reading up on the blogs I am following, eating last nights dinner. Order form a cool local pizza place called LaRosas Pizza is one but I love the Hoagies, especially the lunch meat Hoagie, they call it the Baked Buddy as the founders name was Buddy LaRosa. It is just one of many local shops here in Cincinnati. There are quite a few ribs places, most notably Montgomery Inn I think you have heard me talk about Skyline before too. Some of the best chili I have ever come across. It is made from an old greek recepie and the very first one here in Cincinnati was located on Glenway Ave, over looking the Cincinnati Skyline. In all the years I have been here in Cincinnati I think I have had Graeters ice cream only a few times. I'm not real big on ice cream. I call Cincinnati my home even though I wasn't born here, I have lived most my life here. With a rich history one of the original major league baseball teams, The Reds (originally the Red Stockings) , The Ohio River and the suspension bridge (prototype of the Brooklyn Bridge) . One of the nicest features down town is Fountain Square, located at the corner of 5th and Vine St, has a large statue, where we get the name "Queen City" I do believe the statue was a gift from France (but don't quote me on that) . I do complain now and then about my home town, Bengals and all; it really is a nice place and I have a good life here.

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