Friday, November 28


2 simple print screen shots of my Linux Ubuntu with just the desktop and the picture folder open on top of Firefox. Is very similar to windows. I do find several tasks much easier to perform than Windows, and I am still learning the ins and outs of the program.

As my Ubuntu is installled through the windows program I am limited on some things, I found I could not use the cd burner having the program set this way. However I can still use my Nero Burning Rom with Windows as the Operating system. I really get a kick out of working with new software on the PC and am real excited about the cost of this software. Free and I didn't even have to Pirate this one. Just enjoying a little time off and seeing what my common knowledge of computers; having only learned windows to this point, will take me. I'll touch base with you periodically, and think it should be known I am impressed with this program.

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