Saturday, November 15

My Mom

I love my mom, she has been gone most of my life, died of cancer when I was 19 years old.  I think of her every time I listen to John Denver.  I miss her so much.  She was the only one in the family that realy understood me.  I am in tears as I type this.  I hear the songs she loved and the thoughts come streaming in. The times I would step out on the front porch to smoke a cig and she would follow me out there and join me to keep me company, would ask me for a cig, light it and puff, not inhailing, but pretending to smoke, funny gal she was.  She always did tell me I should go into forestry as a life, didn't miss to far as I am a lawn care tech.  Did a couple years as a tree care tech.  
Thats pretty close to forestry... climping trees to prune dead wood and such.   Back to mom, god I love and miss her so much. If you have never lost a parent you wouldn't understand my tears.  My mom was the definition of love.  I know the plan of life, most will see their parents die, but its such a terrible thing when it happens early and that parent is the one that had a voice for you in the family.  "if I had a wish I could wish for you ... it would be a wish to make sunshine all the time"
I love you mom, always and forever.


Douglas said...

I lost my Mom in August. Actually, she was gone long before that (Alzheimer's) but not for me. I lost my Dad in 2001 as I was finally getting to know him. So, yes, I understand the tears. They remain in our hearts forever, though.

Neo said...

Douglas, this is about the most heartfelt comments I ever read and posted, thank you from my heart :)